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E-File Form 2290

You are required to E-file Form 2290 if you are filing 25 or more vehicles, but the IRS encourages e-filing for anyone required to file Form 2290. This will ensure a quick delivery of the watermarked Schedule 1 at your disposal. Remember, while you e-file, you will get it almost immediately after the IRS accepts your e-filed Form 2290.

When Should I E-File Form 2290?

The tax period for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is from July 01 to June 30 of the following year and the annual deadline to e-file Form 2290 is August 31st. However, if you start using a new vehicle then your Form 2290 is due on the last day of the month following the vehicle's first used month. For example, if you first use a new vehicle in April then your Form 2290 is due on May 31st.

Late Filing Penalties

It's best to E-file Form 2290 by the August 31st deadline to avoid the failure to file penalties imposed by the IRS. For example, for every month that you don't e-file Form 2290 you'll be faced with a monthly fee of 4.5% of the taxes owed for up to five months. For filing late, but not making an HVUT payment you'll face an additional monthly fee of 0.5% of the taxes owed with additional interest charges of 0.54%.

E-File Form 2290 for the Following Benefits

  • Have a step-by-step guide that helps you instantly complete your Form 2290.
  • Have a place to store all of your vehicle information for next time.
  • Safely and securely transmit your Form 2290 directly to the IRS.
  • File conveniently from any location, even with a mobile device.
  • Cut out the waiting time, and receive your Schedule 1 via email as soon as the IRS stamps it.
  • Gain the ability to make 2290 amendments and free VIN corrections.

What Information is Required to E-file Form 2290?

To E-file Form 2290 you need your business details including the name, address (use your legal name and address if you're a sole proprietor), EIN or Employer Identification Number, vehicle details, VIN or vehicle Identification number, the taxable gross weight of your vehicle, and an authorized signatory's details.

Why E-File Form 2290?

All drivers that operate taxable highway motor vehicles with a gross weight of over 55,000 pounds are required to E-file Form 2290, in order to to get their Stamped Schedule 1, which serves as their proof of payment.

Lucky for you, we have made it extremely easy to e-file Form 2290 in a matter of minutes. Instead of pulling over to find a place to wait in line and paper file, you can quickly complete your form with us, online. Simply create a free account, enter your business and vehicle information, pay the IRS, and transmit your Form 2290 directly to the IRS.

Then we will instantly send you a copy of your Schedule 1 as soon as the IRS stamps it. There has never been a faster or easier way to e-file Form 2290!

About E-FileForm2290.com

Our secure site is IRS authorized, and it's Mcfree and Hackersafe certified, which is why it's trucker approved. There isn't a better place to e-file Form 2290 because with us your information will be kept safe and the e-filing process can be quickly completed to get you your Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes.

E-File Form 2290 Features

E-file Form 2290 instantly Follow our guide to quickly and correctly complete Form 2290!
Have your information saved for next time We will keep up with all of your vehicles and their information for you to quickly add when you e-file Form 2290 next year!
Quickly correct mistakes Easily make 2290 amendments and correct your VIN and you e-file Form 2290.
We have the answers Our live support team is here to answer your questions. Contact us at any time!
Get your Stamped Schedule 1 in the blink of an eye The moment the IRS stamps your Schedule 1 we will send a copy to the email address you provide!

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